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Adventures in Public School

Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 11:00am
Yukon Arts Centre

Socially awkward Liam has been home-schooled his whole life. When he falls in love with a popular girl he abandons his mother’s suffocating love and enrolls in public school entering a world of sex, drugs and social studies. A TIFF Top Ten film of 2017, Adventures in Public School pokes fun at home schooling and overprotective parents. Educated by his fiercely enthusiastic mother, Claire (Judy Greer),  Liam (Daniel Doheny) is the quintessential über-nerd, a wannabe physicist who is about to take his equivalency exam and head off to Cambridge. At the exam he spots Anastasia (Siobhan Williams), an enigmatic beauty who lost a leg to cancer. Instantly smitten, he changes his answers, hoping to flunk and have to redo his final semester in public school. Liam is given a crash course in high-school dynamics, ranging from bullying to hallway flirting, as he timidly pursues Anastasia. The film boasts a great ensemble cast — including Doheny, Williams, Andrew McNee, Grace Park, Russell Peters, and, especially, Greer in a tour-de-force performance.

Co-writer and producer, Josh Epstein in attendance.
Some mature themes. Parental guidance recommended.

  • Directed by Kyle Rideout
  • 2017, British Columbia
  • 86 minutes
  • Parental Guidance Advised
Adventures in Public School

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