Welcome to ALFF 2023

ALFF 2023, the 21st anniversary Available Light, will be ONLINE and in-person.

ALFF Online will include features, short films, artist talks, the ALFF Industry series and ALFF LIVE concerts and run for 18 whole days. All films on ALFF Online will be available for viewers in Yukon and Northwest Territories. Most of the programming will also be available across Canada. To experience ALFF from home, all you need is the internet, a comfortable couch, and lots of snacks. Visit our How to Fest page to learn more about how you can enjoy the ALFF experience on our Eventive platform.

In-person events include:

Screenings at the Yukon Theatre from Feb 9 - 19.

Opening screening at the Yukon Arts Centre, Thursday Feb 9. Screenings daily through Feb 12

Screenings at the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre. Dates TBA

Programming announcements: October 31, 2022


In-Person Screenings and Workshops

    In-person screenings and workshops

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