ALFF Video Crawl: Family Friendly Shorts event image

ALFF Video Crawl: Family Friendly Shorts

This event took place on Friday, February 17, 2023 at 7:30 pmLumel Studios

Join us for the first stop of the 2023 ALFF video crawl at Lumel Studios!

This is a free screening event of family friendly short films.


The Flying Sailor Dir. Amanda Forbis, Wendy Tilby, 2022, Canada, 8 minutes

When a nearby ship explodes, a sailor embarks on an unexpected existential journey. An exploration of the fragility of life through a sailor's near-death experience inspired by the real-life catastrophic Halifax explosion of 1917. Non-sexual animated nudity.

Tiny Dir. Ryan Haché, Ritchie Hemphill, 2022, Canada, 16 minutes

Tiny is a very apt title for this beautiful film. Tiny, in that a complete world from memory is reproduced in clay miniature as the set and characters in this film. Tiny also, in that it captures the minutiae and nuance of small human gestures, the touch of one hand to another, the small changes in expression a wrinkle in a forehead makes, or the way one sips a coffee. These are made all the more amazing in the fact they are in magnificently beautiful claymation. But Tiny also refers to the narrative. The film is a series of reminiscences by one of the maker’s ancestors: 'Nakwaxda'xw elder Colleen Hemphill who tells the story of her life as a youth growing up on a float house in her Indigenous home in northern Vancouver Island. The film’s heartening comprises a gorgeous memory of a loving childhood.

PLUS: NFB classics projected on 16mm film!




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