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Eagle Plains

This screening took place on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 8:15 pmYukon Theatre

Filmed over the course of several years by former Dawson resident, Leah Byrne.

Eagle Plains is an observational nonfiction film about the remote Eagle Plains Hotel and service station, in Yukon Territory, Canada. Located at the midpoint of the Dempster Highway, 37 kilometres southwest of the Arctic Circle, it is the only gas pump along this 740-kilometer stretch of gravel road, with a year-round population of 8.

A gorgeous, image-oriented doc about a day in the life of the speck of modern human presence in the middle of the vast Dempster Highway that is the film's title. The camera slowly watches the villages' eight inhabitants tend to their labours that keeps the elements at bay. Almost a visual poem, its framing, extended takes, and persistent roar of machinery draws its viewer into its wordless contemplation. Lyrical, hypnotic, stunning. - Tony Berto, ALFF Programming

Screens with:

Subarctic Glitch, dir. Cud Eastbound, 2023, Yukon, 4 MIN

“My name is Glitch, and you don’t stand a chance.” Subarctic Glitch features solid storytelling, videography, lighting, and sound. It feels like a highly stylized version the Lone Gunmen of The X-Files, and seems to embrace and satirize its tech and paranoia. Beautiful. Winner of the Yukon48 Dawson Jury Prize

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