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A Boy Called Piano - The Story of Fa'amoana John Luafutu

Arriving in New Zealand from Samoa as a young child in the 1950s, Fa'amoana was taken from his family and placed in state care, suffering terrible abuse alongside thousands of other Pacific and Maori children. This powerful and inspiring documentary explores his journey through state care, prison, gang membership, as well as the intergenerational impacts of these experiences; and ultimately, healing for Fa'amoana and his Family byharnessing the power of his voice as a storyteller.

It is a Pacific story told through a Pacific lens - with the guidance of director Nina Nawalowalo’s graceful vision - as well as a sublime score by NZ music legend Mark Vanilau - using powerful symbols and imagery to connect directly with survivors: the return to water - ‘from the river to the sea’ - the feeling of wind caressing skin… the elements of nature that are denied to all those who are or who have been detained and incarcerated.

Through sharing this story, Fa'amoana has become a 'voice for the voiceless': for all the thousands of children who never made it this far.

Content advisory: References to suicide.

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