ALFF ONLINE - My Place Ozerna

“I don’t want to live, either” confesses Karina to her aunt Slava, triggering a deep search for meaning between two distant relatives.

Karina, a Polish woman looking to escape the urban anxieties of London, is drawn to Ozerna, a small village in Ukraine, where she meets 84-year-old Slava for the first time. Karina’s sense of alienation stokes a lingering depression she is hoping to shake, a feeling Slava can relate to as a long-time widow. Over many years and several visits, the two women grow closer, developing a mutual bond of love and care. Karina helps Slava with her chores while Slava looks after Karina as though she were her granddaughter. Beautifully shot, this tender documentary witnesses the importance of cross-generational connection and a shared re-discovery of vitality and purpose – Vivian Belik, Hot Docs.

In Polish and Ukrainian with English subtitles.

Genre: Documentary

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