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Set amongst the rugged forests and shorelines of British Columbia, Silvicola is a tableau of the complex web of cultural and economic forces which compel and constrain modern forestry practices.

A story told through the eyes of an eclectic mix of characters whose lives and livelihoods are intimately entangled with the forest, Silvicola employs sinuating vignettes and industrial soundscapes to explore the tensions and dilemmas between commodification and conservation. Contemplative and sensorially immense, Silvicola embeds the viewer within remote spaces and worksites normally hidden from view—from the verdure of old growth canopies to the destructive gigantism of mechanical harvesting, to the numbing rhythm of sapling nurseries. Situating itself as a study of both our connection and disconnection with the forest, Silvicola is a film which demands of us to reconsider the divisions that have been erected between natural and industrial worlds by spotlighting the hidden labour and logics of modern forestry.

Genre: Documentary


Losing Blue

Dir. Leanne Allison, 2023, Alberta, 16 min

Losing Blue is a cinematic poem about losing the otherworldly blues of ancient mountain lakes, now fading due to climate change. With stunning cinematography, this short doc immerses the viewer in the magnificence of these rare lakes, pulling us in to stand on their rocky shores, witness their power and understand what their loss would mean—both for ourselves and for the Earth.

Genre: Documentary, Poetry

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