Rob Is Analog

This screening took place on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 at 7:15 pmYukon Theatre

Rob “radiorob” Hopkins is an analog guy in a digital world. A communications pirate fighting for the public’s right to something they might not even know they want.

This charming and funny documentary tracks Rob’s quixotic quest to attain a CRTC licence for an over the air community tv licence while capturing Radiorob’s eccentric passion for all things related to broadcasting and technology.

Rob is many things: he’s an ex-hobo and a self-taught broadcast engineer; a scavenger who built a working telephone system from other people’s junk; and an advocate of over-the-air-technologies who collects CRTC licenses like hockey cards. He’s so enthusiastic that he’s even developed his own software to make analog broadcasting easier.

Join Rob as he works with fellow broadcasting enthusiast Bill Polonsky as they attempt to expand CJUC 92.5 FM (the local community radio station) and revive over-the-air analog television with the establishment of the new local community channel CKWH (VHF Channel 9).

We're calling this now: Rob Is Analog wins the prize for best film of the year featuring Yukon's vibrant independent music scene.

Preceded by the short film Beauty Through Decay by Jenffer A. Jay (8 minutes)

A short film following the life of trans, disabled artist Jenffer A. Jay and how her art and artistic practice have helped her overcome barriers that she has faced throughout her life.

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