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May. 28

Call for Available Light On-Demand Curatorial Committee Applications!

The Yukon Film Society/Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture is accepting applications from the community on the Available Light On-Demand Curatorial Committee for 2019-2020.

Deadline: June 28, 2019

Available Light On-Demand (ALD) is a strategic initiative intended to digitally distribute Yukon films and media art. This service gives films a new online home among other Yukon works on an on-demand platform available to audiences around the world. Available Light On-Demand is a space for building a filmmaker’s audience and demographics through analytics and exhibition opportunities and is designed to be a one-stop shop for diverse, artist-driven Yukon content.

The committee will meet three times between July – November 2019, with additional discussion via email. Applications are encouraged from diverse communities as well as people living in Yukon communities outside of Whitehorse. The committee will ultimately choose 20 films of various lengths to be released on ALD from October 2019 to April 2020.

Committee work includes: researching films; pre-screening films for consideration;  discussing films; choosing Yukon films for online distribution and other opportunities; and scheduling films within the platform’s framework. Committee members outside of Whitehorse can Skype into these meetings.


Knowledge of and a love for independent Yukon and northern cinema and media art. This knowledge could be in a broad film history sense or in a specific genre, cultural perspective, or sub-set.

Familiarity with the Yukon film industry and the type of work that Available Light Film Festival and Dawson City International Short Film Festival has presented in the past.

Excellent communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively with the committee and Yukon Film Society/Klondike Institute of Art and Culture staff, and a willingness to balance the needs of the broader community with personal interests.

*Note about Qualifications – It is not a requirement for applicants to have programmed or curated film in the past. A sincere interest in programming and a willingness to learn are much more important.

Remuneration: This position will be paid an honoraria of $250 per meeting.


Please email your letter of interest to programs@yukonfilmsociety.com

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