2023 Yukon 48 Hour Film Challenge

August 25, 2023

Create a film in 48 hours! Winners will receive $500 Cash and Prizes. 

The competition starts at 5:30pm on Friday, October 20th, 2023. Participants will be given 48 hours from the time of start to hand in or send a link to download a final file at 5:30pm on Sunday, October 22nd, 2023.

Participants have the option to apply for the Yukon-Only challenge and/or the Canada-Wide challenge. For the Yukon-Only version, one “key” that must be used in the film will be revealed at the start of the Challenge. The “key” has to be incorporated into your film in any way (physically, verbally, etc). Participants outside the Whitehorse or Dawson area may participate and can privately upload their film to YouTube or Vimeo or send the links to us. We must have the link by the deadline on Sunday. The Canada-Wide competition has the same rules, but with 5 “keys” to be incorporated in to the film.

Participants must pay an entry fee of $20 for the Yukon-Only and $25 for the Canada-Wide challenges. Youth entries (19 and under) are free.


Link to Registration Form

Send your completed registration form to


Saturday, October 28th

Whitehorse - Yukon Theatre

Dawson - KIAC Ballroom/Dënäkär Zho

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