Summer Job Placements: Film and Media Art Technicians

April 25, 2024

YFS is looking for two Film and Media Art Technicians to help with a variety of tasks this summer! Apply today!

Canada Summer Jobs Placement

Job Title: Film and Media Art Technician

35 hours per week

$22.00 per hour

Anticipated start date: May 15th, 2024

End date: August 31st, 2024



Working under the direct supervision and training of the Yukon Film Society (YFS) Artistic Director, Technical Coordinator and Cinema Managers.

YFS will be hiring for two positions that will split the following tasks, depending on individual areas of interest. One position could be suited to someone with an interest in film production and equipment while another could be suited to someone with an interest in film collections, archives and programming:


A. Assisting with technical operation, organizing and presenting films and multi-media events at the Yukon Theatre, summer festivals and screenings.


B. Helping to operate and expand the Available Light On-Demand (ALD) video streaming service: 

  • Archiving past and present Yukon-made film works from a variety of collections
  • Helping develop a catalogue of films and media art for distribution to galleries, cinematheques, community screenings and film/media art festivals world-wide
  • Researching and negotiating with other on-line streaming services to promote ALD films
  • Updating and maintaining the Yukon On Screen filmmaker database


C. Content production work:

  • Filming content
  • Editing and transcribing digital film footage
  • Digital archiving of films from Northern Native Broadcasting archive and various 16mm collections


D. Help coordinate and manage the operations of YFS production equipment rentals to its members:

  • Answer inquiries about equipment rentals or film production planning
  • Schedule, assemble packages, sign out, receive, inspect and maintain rental equipment
  • Prepare and send invoices to clients and provide a copy to the Administrator upon issuance
  • Maintain an accurate inventory of equipment
  • Report damaged/lost equipment to the Technical Coordinator
  • Recommend equipment or accessory purchases
  • Research new equipment, relevant technical trends for YFS services, and compatibility issues


E. Co-manage workshops with Technical Coordinator:

  • Assess the members' needs, design workshops
  • Seek funding, sponsorship or partnerships for the workshops
  • Promote workshops
  • Register participants
  • Facilitate the workshops or seek skilled trainers
  • Have the participants fill out exit surveys
  • File workshop reports and thank partners and sponsors


F. Co-manage YFS cinema libraries and databases:

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of DVD/Blu-Ray collection
  • Report on damaged/lost DVDs/Blu-Rays
  • Help catalogue and re-establish the 16mm film collection
  • Create database of films YFS has screened at our Available Light Film Festival and bi-weekly Available Light Cinema screenings


G. Skills the participant develop during this placement:

  • Client service - Client Service refers to the ability to communicate efficiently and professionally with clients. At work, client service skills are required to interact with clients on behalf of the employer.
  • Teamwork - Teamwork refers to the skills needed to interact with other people. At work, people work with others in pairs and in small and large groups to coordinate tasks, share resources, plan, make decisions, negotiate, solve conflicts and complete other activities that involve teamwork.
  • Communication - Communication refers to the skills needed to exchange thoughts and information with other people. This exchange can happen orally by speaking, listening and using non-verbal cues, such as body language or in writing. At work, people use communication skills to talk to customers, discuss products with suppliers, explain work procedures to co-workers, participate in virtual sales meetings with clients, and other activities that involve verbal or written exchanges.
  • Digital skills - Digital technology refers to the skills needed to understand and use digital systems, tools and applications, and to process digital information. At work, people use digital technology skills to input, access, analyze, organize, create and communicate information and ideas using computers, software, point-of-sale equipment, email, podcasts, web applications, smart phones and other digital devices.
  • Leadership - Leadership refers to a number of skills, including communication, relationship building, and the ability to delegate and traits such as honesty. At work, leadership skills are required when working in a team, demonstrating initiative, and taking responsibility for the completion of tasks that require multiple employees.


Eligible candidates must:

  • Be between 15 and 30 years of age at the start of the internship
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada (Either a citizen, permanent resident or person with refugee status. Work permits are not eligible)


If you are interested in this opportunity, please send a cover letter and CV to


This position is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.


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