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ALFF Multimedia Exhibits in the YAC Community Gallery

This event took place on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 5:00pm

Hwei Ki Gong

by Erin Cham Corbett 

Video, joss paper, incense and canned food.

How does one partake in the rituals of a culture that is inherent, yet distant?

Stumbling through the repetitious acts of Chinese cultural rules and rituals – I honour my family.

As a half-Chinese woman, affectionately called Hwai Ki Gong by my grandmother, I (mis)interpret these rules.

Through multiplicity, I look at how culture is reproduction and intent: reproducing what we learn

from the past, and adapting to modern lifestyle and technology. For example, 6 round fresh fruit

are a traditional offering for those who have passed. Today, substituting with canned fruit is

equally meaningful as long as the intention is to honour. While the rituals may not be perfectly

enacted, culture ultimately evolves with modern times in surprising ways.



Erin Corbett is a multitalented maker of things based in Whitehorse, Canada. As of late, her work has been focused on custom hand poked tattoos and projection design. However, she returns to invade physical and digital spaces with imagery to create memorable experiences that beg people to think about things a little differently. Her constructionist tendencies have created illuminated boats that come out of walls, and auroral sculptures for soul-warming events, meanwhile her playful video interventions engage participants into unexpected activities. Erin Corbett holds a bachelor of fine art from Concordia University.


Stained Glass Video Impressions

by Jon Gelinas

Single-channel video installation



Jon Gelinas uses images, sound and light to tell stories and share emotions. His work in visual communications as an educator, designer and technologist has been featured on screen, posters and installations throughout the Yukon over the last 18 years. 


A lover of the intersection between art and technology, Jon Gelinas’ creations seek to connect with viewers on an emotional level, skewing perception to take people out of their current moment and transport them somewhere magical.


This installation project explores video through an impressionist lens. Using a light diffusing screen over an undescribed video, sectioned off “stained glass” areas will capture colours and movement to express the depiction of light in its changing qualities over time. Through this effect, the viewer gets to understand the emotion, colour palette and flow of the video while never knowing the source images.



Jon Gelinas has been in the Yukon for 18 years using images, sound and light to tell stories while working in visual communications as an educator, designer and technologist.

His graphic design, layout, photography and web design work has been featured on devices and publications throughout the Yukon. As a film-maker, his short films have won audience choice at the 2017 48HR Film Challenge and the 2018 48HR Music Video Challenge. His submission for this year’s 48 Film Challenge won ‘Best Use of a Prop’. Past projects have seen him partnered with: Ramshackle Theatre, Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Varietease, Frostbite Music Festival, Nakai Theatre, Longest Night, The Virtual Museums of Canada, Bringing Youth Towards Equality, Nicole Edwards, Team Yukon, The Upstanding Knives, Bent Spoon Café, Board Stiff and several others.

As a sound designer he travelled to Toronto to perform with Ramshackle Theatre’s presentation of The Cloaker and the Cabinet at the SummerWorks Theatre Festival. His generative, digital artworks were featured in Red Wagon Union’s, Dark Days art show.

Jon currently instructs the Multimedia Communications program at Yukon College.

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