Image from ALFF Short Films: We Are All Different

ALFF Short Films: We Are All Different

This screening took place on Monday, February 12, 2024 at 8:30 pmYukon Theatre

Ajjigiingiluktaaqtugut (We Are All Different) DIR. Lindsay McIntyre, 2021, CA | 17 MIN

What does it mean to be Inuk? Historically depicted as welcoming and friendly people in remote snowy landscapes, in reality, Inuit live across the globe. Using antique wind-up bears, layered animation, and analogue techniques, McIntyre constructs an animated documentary in an exploration of identity and belonging by Inuit, both in and outside of community. Herself of mixed Inuk and settler heritage, McIntyre depicts the value of community and asks what it means to belong in a changing world when out ideas of Inuk-ness are so tied to particular representations.

pî-kiwîk DIR. Keisha Erwin, 2023, CA | 10 MIN | Documentary

Pî-kiwîk, will bring viewers on a heartfelt journey of how reconnecting to one’s culture and family can be life-changing, grounding and how it can provide a sense of belonging, pride and purpose.

Johnny Libertella : One Million Smiles DIR. Bruno Dramatik, 2023, QUEBEC | 10 MIN | Documentary

Sixty-year-old Johnny Libertella has spent his entire life in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie neighbourhood on Montreal. Like his parents before him, he lives just above his shop on Plaza St-Hubert. An introvert by nature, he has chosen to devote himself to his business. For over three decades, [Johnny Libertella] he has religiously manned the counter of his footwear shop that specializes in cowboy boots, only straying away from the Plaza to visit his daughter every Sunday.

WÎSKACÂN DIR. Tyson Houseman, 2021, CA | 8 MIN | Experimental

WÎSKACÂN is an experimental contemporary dance film utilizing Bunraku-style tabletop puppetry and object performance. Video, puppet design, performance, and music by Tyson Houseman.

Hebron Relocation DIR. HOLLY ANDERSON, 2022, NUNUVUT | 15 MIN | Documentary

In Hebron Relocation, Holly Andersen explores what makes a place a home as she learns more about her community’s connection to generations of displaced northern Labrador Inuit.


Dan Gerson is a photographer that is losing his vision due to a degenerative eye disorder. Monika Schneider recently got out of a long relationship, and has recently decided to get back into acting. Monika and Dan come together at a rented studio for a brief photo shoot. Dan takes her headshot, and Monika gives him a loaf of bread. The night culminates in a brief moment of intimate warmth between them, before they go their separate ways.

Conviction DIR. Bruce Thomas Miller­­­, 2022, CA | 13 MIN | Drama

After Joseph is released from jail, he faces inner demons that stand in the way of true freedom. The most striking thing about this film is its authenticity. 

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