Yukon Media Artists

Jayden Soroka

Pixelbox Studio

Director, producer and visual FX artist Jayden Soroka brought Pixelbox Studio to life in 2009. His directorial debut in 2006, four years after his start in the industry, won him a Golden Sheaf Award at the Yorkton Film Festival for the film Under the Skin. The years that followed allowed Jayden to produce, direct and edit a large body of work and ultimately led him to start Pixelbox Studio.

Pixelbox was created to harness today’s constantly evolving marketing tools and media outlets. It is no longer as simple as having a great vision; you need creative and hardworking people on your side. Pixelbox is competing in a competitive market at home and abroad and it is time we step up to the plate with what we have to offer. Pixelbox Studio approaches every project with integrity, concern and a willingness to do whatever it takes to have our clients thrilled with the final product.


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