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Oct. 29

ALFF 2017 Call for Media Arts Submissions - Deadline Extended

Submissions for the February 2017 YAC Community Gallery, hosted by the Yukon Films Society, are now open to Friday, November 4th Taking place February 4 to 12, the 14th annual Available Light Film Festival will feature 40+ screenings of contemporary International and Canadian cinema. For the month of February, ALFF also curates a media arts exhibition in the Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery. All proposals will be reviewed and selected by the Yukon Film Society team, which includes the YFS Artistic Director. Please note that the size of the gallery is 350 sq. ft with 8 ft walls, therefore, projects making ample use of the gallery (installations, video screening, photography etc.) are our first choice, although other disciplines will not be excluded. Required documents: • Statement of intent (what you’d like to show) • Artist statement and technical requirements • Artist CV • Digital images or video of (or related to) the project • Budget, if applicable • Artist contact information Guidelines: • It is the responsibility of the artist to setup and take down their own exhibition • The Yukon Film Society will offer the successful applicant a $500 artist fee for the show, plus provide technical and production support where available • Yukon Film Society does not take a commission from any sales that might occur as a result of the show. • YFS does not have funding to pay for artwork shipping. • The community gallery is a public space within the Yukon Arts Centre; therefore, artwork must be suitable for visitors of all ages. Please advise us if there is any content that may not be suitable. • The Community Gallery is made available to artists as a public service by the Yukon Arts Centre. Yukon Arts Centre strives, to the best of its ability, to ensure the safety of the artwork in the Community Gallery. However, the Yukon Arts Centre cannot and does not insure the artwork and assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur while the work is on display in the Community Gallery. SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: Friday, November 4th, 2016 Proposals can be sent to: Erin Corbett, Artistic Associate erin@yukonfilmsociety.com 867 393 3456

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