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Jun. 8

Casting Call!

The Boys is about four First Nation siblings who must bond together after their mother dies and their father goes missing. ALL FIRST NATIONS YOUTH. LANI 12-15. A tomboy. The leader of the pack. She tough and protects her siblings at any cost. Has a steel exterior, but underneath it all, a big heart. KEVIN 8-12. He is the troublemaker. He is constantly fighting the authority of his sister, Lani. JACOB 8-12. He is the quiet and calm brother who does his best to maintain harmony amongst the group in their parentless existence. SAMMI 5-8. He is the baby of the family. He is innocent and untainted by the hardships that are plaguing his family. They do not need to have acting experience, simply an interest and excitement to want to be involved Email: ninasreed@gmail.com Much love and gratitude, Sophia Rogue Films

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