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Mar. 27

CBC - Short Film Face-Off

Short Film Face-Off is looking for innovative films that are compelling to watch. We are interested in fresh story ideas with memorable and engaging characters. Here are the criteria: - Up to 12 minutes in length (excluding credits). - Comedies and dramas are the preferred genres, both live action and animation are eligible. Music videos or documentaries will not be considered. Experimental films will be considered on an individual basis. - We will accept films that have been screened at Film Festivals or other public venues but must not have been broadcast on national television. - The films must have been produced/ released after May 1, 2013. - Content must be suitable for a broad audience in the 7:00 pm timeslot at the discretion of CBC. - The director of the film must be available to travel and appear on the program during the week of June 22, 2015. Travel and accommodation costs will be paid by Short Film Face Off. - Applicants must be residents of Canada and at least 19 years of age. - The producer or director must own or hold all rights to the film including music. The rights must be released to Short Film Face Off for broadcast on CBC Television and CBC websites. Short Film Face Off will not pay for the release of any rights associated with the production and the producer will be expected to sign a waiver granting broadcast rights to CBC. - Producers/directors must acknowledge and agree that the final credits of films presented on Short Film Face Off will not be seen during the broadcast of the program. - The winning film will win a cash prize from CBC and/or the program’s prize sponsors. Additions to the prize may be announced at a later date. The prize is intended to be put towards production of the director’s next short film. That film will be licensed for broadcast by the CBC. The winning director will be expected to sign a contract before the prize is awarded. - Final voting will be conducted by an independent company. Results beyond the name of the winning film will not be released to filmmakers or the public. All voting rules and methods will be determined by CBC. - Submissions must be received by the CBC by April 10, 2015 at 5:00 pm local time. For more Information visit the Short Film Face-Off Website

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