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Feb. 10

Projector-a-go-go Campaign

YFS Projector-a-Go-Go Campaign from Yukon Film Society on Vimeo.

TO DONATE: - Online: check out our Indie-go-go campaign - In person: Come donate in person with cash, cheque or credit card at the Yukon Film Society - 212 Lambert St. - By phone: Call us and donate by credit card - 393-3456 (ALFF) Each year, YFS has to rent a Digital Cinema Projector for the Available Light Film Festival, at a cost of $8000-$10,000 per year. Without this projector, we wouldn't be able to show most of the films we screen at the festival as filmmakers rightly expect a certain technical standard when their films are shown at festivals or in theatres. For the rest of the year - when we don't have a Digital Cinema Projector - we can't show new releases at all and have to wait until films become available on DVD or iTunes. This means that Yukon audiences have to wait months and sometimes years to see films that have long since come and gone from theatres down south. Owning our own DCP projector has FIVE MAIN BENEFITS for our audiences and our community: BRAND NEW RELEASES: With a state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Projector, we’ll be able to screen new movies while they’re still in theatrical or festival release. No more waiting months for movies to show up on DVD or iTunes. IMAGE QUALITY: A beautiful bright clear image on the largest screen in the Yukon. RELIABILITY: Digital Cinema Projectors use digital files, so no more DVDs or Blu-Ray discs - and no more skipping, stalling or refusing to play at all. COMMUNITY ASSET: The new projector will be installed in the Yukon Arts Centre, where it can used by other arts and community groups to present a greater number and diversity of films that appeal to various tastes and interests. FINANCIAL SAVINGS & SUSTAINABILITY: Owning our own Digital Cinema Projector means we’ll no longer have to rent a projector for the festival and ship it out from Toronto (at a cost of $8000-$10000 per festival). The money we’ll save over the life of the projector will be better spent on programming more great films such as those on the screens here at ALFF, and so doing ensuring the long-term financial viability of YFS. To thank you for your contribution, we're offering the following benefits and recognition: Friend of YFS ($20 - $49) - Recognition in the ALFF 2017 program guide and on the YFS website Film Lover ($50 - $99) - All of the above, plus: Recognition on-screen at ALFF 2017 and a 2017/18 YFS Film Lover’s membership Movie Nut ($100 - $249) - All of the above, plus: An additional 2017/18 YFS Film Lover’s membership and two tickets to the Available Light Cinema screening of your choice Patron of the Arts ($250 - $499) - All of the above, plus: Two tickets to the ALFF 2017 Opening Gala Cinephile ($500 - $999) All of the above, plus: Two additional Available Light Cinema tickets and an ALFF 2017 Five Film Pass Auteur ($1000+) All of the above, plus: An additional ALFF 2017 Five Film Pass, a 2016-17 Available Light Cinema season pass, and invitation to an exclusive ALFF 2017 Preview Reception and recognition on-screen at all 2016-17 Available Light Cinema screenings. **Special Web-only Bonus Benefit: Contribute $1500 or more to receive an exclusive evening of scotch & cinema with Available Light Festival Director Andrew Connors.

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