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Jan. 12

Telefilm Micro-budget Program - YFS Recommendation Phase *NEW* Deadline: Feb 29

Telefilm Canada Micro-Budget Production Program: Yukon Film Society Recommendation Phase Application Submission deadline: Monday February 29, 2016 before 4:30pm PST Program Summary The Micro-Budget Production Program - Funding of Micro-Budget Feature Films from Emerging Filmmakers (the “Program”) aims to provide financing to emerging filmmakers (i.e. producers, directors, writers) for the development, production, distribution and promotion of a first feature length film. How to apply? Submit your application to the YFS by Monday February 29, 2016. As YFS is an Industry Partner of Telefilm Canada, the applications will then be reviewed by a jury assembled by YFS who will recommend only one project to Telefilm for consideration in their funding program (approx. 30 recommendations are made by Telefilm partners and 6 to 8 projects receive funding). Applicants whose projects have been recommended by industry partners and have been determined eligible by Telefilm to proceed to the application stage must apply through eTelefilm using an incorporated company. The onus is on the applicant to complete the application process and provide any supporting documents required by Telefilm. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The applicant’s inability to provide supporting documentation will result in the application being removed from the evaluation process. The Guidelines and FAQ are available on Telefilm’s website. There are changes to this year's MBP, including supporting interactive projects. It is highly recommended applicants read the guidelines. Program Objectives This Program intends to: Encourage and support emerging Canadian filmmakers; stimulate the use of new digital distribution platforms and increase audience access to the works of new Canadian talent; Encourage innovation and creativity at all stages of the development, production, distribution and promotion processes; Help applicants build their portfolios. In addition, the Aboriginal and OLMC components of this Program aim to: Increase support and visibility for Aboriginal and OLMC creators; Increase the public’s access to Aboriginal and OLMC content through innovative distribution channels. Please email tech@yukonfilmsociety.com to request the application document and Telefilm’s information documents. Questions? Call Andrew C or Andrew G at yfs: 867-393-3456 To be eligible to apply, you must be a Canadian resident and the applicant must be a student or a recent graduate of a production program, or a recent member (within last 2 years) of a media art cooperative including YFS. Applicants must be a YFS Production Member in good standing at the time of submission. Membership renewal or purchase is $50 (January 31, 2017 expiry). PROGRAM UPDATES Micro-Budget Production Program - 2016-17 Here is an overview of the main changes for the 2016-2017 Micro-Budget program. - The definition of eligible projects has been extended to include, in addition to feature films, digital short-form content of under 75 minutes in length. Note that for these types of projects, Telefilm’s contribution will be prorated based on the total length of the project. As before, all projects must be intended for digital distribution; - Telefilm’s maximum contribution amount is now set at $127,500. Of that amount, $7,500 must be reserved for the hiring of a digital marketing expert that will help applicants elaborate and put in place a digital marketing/social media strategy for their project; - Telefilm’s contribution must be allocated as follows: o A maximum of $107,500 for the development, production and post- production costs (including the digital expert fees); o A minimum of $20,000 for the promotion and distribution costs; - At the recommendation stage, creative teams must submit their project proposal to Telefilm through a microsite; - Partners’ recommendations and applicants’ requests for funding will have to be submitted through Telefilm’s new eTelefilm portal. Instructions on how to apply and how to submit a recommendation will be communicated shortly; - The main focus of this program remains the same: encouraging the use of new digital distribution platforms and fostering innovativeness and creativity at all stages of the development, production, distribution and promotion processes. Telefilm is also in discussions with Technicolor and the NFB to form partnerships that will help increase audience access to the works of new Canadian talent. The projects that will receive financing under the Micro-Budget program will have to be made available on a Telefilm-branded digital platform at the end of their distribution cycle. Please note that partners will submit their recommendations to Telefilm by March 14th, 2016. If you have any questions, contact: For the Western region: John Dippong – John.Dippong@telefilm.ca

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