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Aug. 27

The Grub-Stake Revisited: Remounted!

The Grub-Stake Revisited is returning to Whitehorse for one night only! You may remember The Grub-Stake Revisited as the critically acclaimed show from the Available Light Film Festival that combined a charming silent movie, hilarious Shakespearean text and a beautiful score. The first showing of The Grub-Stake Revisited was so successful that the planning for a remount started before people left the theatre. But that's not all! Not only are we remounting the show for our friends in Whitehorse, but we are taking it on tour. Tell your friends and family that we are coming their way in our first The Grub-Stake Revisited tour. Click here for a sneak peek of The Grub-Stake Revisited. Pre-dating Chaplin's classic film Goldrush by two years, Canadian silent screen iconoclast, Nell Shipman created an extraordinary film in 1923 about a gal who journeys to the Klondike during the 1898 Gold Rush for love and prosperity only to find that greed and villainy rule the day in Dawson City. This is the canvas for a production that features six actors and five musicians - including guest violinist Jesse Zubot and guest cellist Peggy Lee - who perform with the film for 75 hilarious and riveting minutes of story-telling in a collision of culture and art from across three centuries. The artistic director of The Grub-Stake Revisited and composer of the score is Whitehorse-based filmmaker and composer, Daniel Janke. The Whitehorse show is: Thursday, September 27 at 8:00pm. The performance takes place at the Yukon Arts Centre. Tickets are available online at: YukonTickets.com You can also purchase tickets at the Yukon Arts Centre Box Office. In October, The Grub-Stake Revisited tours to the historic Garneau Theatre in Edmonton. The performance at the Garneau is an exciting co-presentation with Metro Cinema, a community-based non-profit society devoted to the exhibition and promotion of Canadian, international and independent film and video in Edmonton. We are also very proud that The Grub-Stake Revisited has been invited to the Vancouver International Film Festival 2012. The Vancouver International Film Festival is among the five largest film festivals in North America and will present the show at the Vogue Theatre. The Vogue is a graceful reminder of the Vancouver of old which is a perfect fit for this classic film with a modern twist. Edmonton: Friday, October 5th Vancouver: Sunday, October 7th See you there!

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