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ALFF 2018 Video Art Exhibition

This event took place on Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 11:00am
Yukon Arts Centre Lobby

Enjoy 3 video art pieces from Yukon. The exhibit will have the videos played in loop from February 4 – 11. Conduits (A Journey North) (2:15 mins) – by Lindsey Tyne Johnson Conduits (A Journey North) is the product of a photo series exploring the different channels and passages to and of the North: tunnels of the Coquihalla, roads of Northern BC, waterfalls of the Northwest Territories and the Dawson City Ferry. These images are to show the fluid beauty and different Conduits that our landscape offers and the freedom of escape to the North. news from the future (2:48 mins) – by Christopher Healey Addressing concerns of the binary media relationship between post-truth and activism, news from the future is framed as a news transmission from the future with an ambiguous message. Is this communication from a Dystopian or Utopian future? Or is it fake news from the present—or maybe a malfunction? Said, Unsaid (4mins) - by Brendan Preston and Peter Jickling Journey through the Peel Watershed on a macro-level multimedia adventure. Local artists synthesize their talents to create a dream-like portrait of the small and forgotten. Funding for ALFF 2018 Media Art Exhibitions are made possible through the assistance of Arts Fund, Department of Tourism and Culture, Jeanie Dendys, Minister.

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