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Anash and the Legacy of the Sun Rock

This screening took place on
Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 3:30pm
Yukon Arts Centre

Catch three of the seven new episodes of this beautifully animated, made-in-the-Yukon youth series. The stories take place in the nineteenth century on the northwest coast of Canada, and follow the adventures of two young Tlingits: Anash and Kole. In Tlingit and English. The Darkest of Waters (Episode 11): Kole and Anash discover that doing the wrong thing -advancing illegal alcohol sales - can have devastating consequences, and they are left to ponder whether right can come out of wrong actions. The World is as Sharp as a Knife (Episode 12): The boys discover that the crooked shaman Dukakawu is on their trail. By claiming the coveted by Sun-Rocks, she could become the most powerful shaman on the coast. Anash well knows from the head injury suffered at her hands that she means to get exactly what she wants. Death & Peace (Episode 13): The last of the Sun-Rocks has fallen into the hands of a Russian Orthodox convert. Furthermore, he has placed it in the centre of a precious relic that is destined to travel overseas to Siberia. Anash is taken down by a old nemesis in the form of Tek-i-jek, the evil spirit of the sea.
  • Directed by Carol Geddes (in attendance)
  • 2010, Yukon/Alberta
  • 66 minutes

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