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Animated Shorts for Kids

This screening took place on
Saturday, July 9, 2016 at 10:30am
Globe Theatre Atlin, BC

Balgonie Birdman Dir. Brian Duchscherer, SK, 1991, 9min A small prairie town has few secrets but in Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Bill Gibson had one. Each night, when most folks were home asleep, Bill was busy in his workshop. You see, Bill had a dream. He was building a flying machine. This charming puppet animation film tells his story. Ch’igii a Caribou Calf Dir. Kelly Milner, 2016, YT, 8min This puppet animation follows the adventures of Ch’igii, a baby caribou from one of Canada’s largest barren ground caribou herds. A mash-up between Hinterland Who’s Who and The Muppets. Pies Dir. Sheldon Cohen, 2004, SK, 12min Mrs. Cherwak is Polish and owns a cow. Mrs. Meuser is a German with entrenched notions of cleanliness. She does not appreciate the cow's inevitable by-product. They resolve their conflict over over coffee and, er, ‘mincemeat’ pie. From the director of The Sweater. Home Cooked Music Dir. Mike Maryniuk, 2014, MB, 9min This short documentary profiles an imaginative inventor and craftsman who makes whimsical stringed instruments out of unlikely items: shovels, rakes, baseball bats, and stop signs become beautiful and functional guitars, violins, banjos, and fiddles. After a near-death experience, retired machinist Lorne Collie embarked on his creative journey, and this heartening film offers a folksy, one-of-a-kind portrait of Collie's spirit and talent. Through weathered doc footage and hand-crafted animation, the film shows that Collie is having more fun than he’s had in a long time and feeling more than alive. Runaway Dir. Cordell Barker, Canada, 2009, 9min Cordell Barker, director of the Oscar-nominated films The Cat Came Back and Strange Invaders, is back with Runaway. Set to the rousing music of Ben Charest (Triplets of Belleville), this animated short takes you on a journey that is both funny and disastrous.
  • Directed by Various
  • various, Canada
  • 40 minutes

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