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Apollo 11

This screening took place on
Monday, April 1, 2019 at 6:00pm
Yukon Arts Centre

Never-before-seen footage and audio recordings take you straight into the heart of NASA's most celebrated mission as astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin embark on a historic trip to the moon.

100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

"If you weren’t among the millions of people across the globe who huddled around crappy old televisions to watch the moon landing in 1969, be thankful that you’re alive to see it with the scope and bombast of IMAX. The historic mission of the Apollo 11, one of the greatest milestones in human history, receives a truly spectacular restoration just in time for its 50th anniversary. Todd Douglas Miller’s Apollo 11 is an exceptional achievement in archival filmmaking. The impeccably composed doc gives audiences a behind the scenes view of the landmark space mission using myriad archival sources, including footage within NASA’s mission control and the Apollo 11 spacecraft itself. The doc features recently discovered and previously unseen large format 65mm footage from the mission in addition to over 11,000 hours of audio material. Everything has been preserved and restored with the care and precision of a Criterion Collection masterwork. Neil Armstrong himself couldn’t have experienced the moon landing with this good a view.

The 65mm footage is the real find here as Apollo 11 presents amazing details that helped Armstrong land his feet on the moon. The quality of the images is breathtaking and it looks contemporary thanks to the preservation by the National Archives. For example, an early shot of the Saturn V rocket being wheeled out to the launch pad on a gargantuan apparatus affords a sense of the sheer scope of the Apollo 11 operation, as well as the awesome sense that one has never seen the mission quite like this before. As the footage shows the rocket travelling to the bay with thousands of onlookers peppering the frame like tiny ants, the film nods to humankind’s small significance in a universe that’s about to get a whole lot bigger." - Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

"Todd Douglas Miller's documentary about the first moon landing is dead brilliant, sure to enrage conspiracy theorists while thrilling most everyone else." - Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

  • Directed by Todd Douglas Miller
  • 2019, USA
  • 93 minutes

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