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Broke Down Dawson Town + Bond of Strangers

This screening took place on
Monday, February 8, 2016 at 12:00pm
Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre{ifelse:if screening_location != "At Home"}Other

BROKE DOWN DAWSON TOWN: Harry and her boyfriend Tom have fled a troubled past in Nova Scotia. On their last tank of gas, they arrive in the Yukon where Harry's brother Dick has struck it rich in the goldfields. When they discover that Dick is as broke as they are, Tom reacts angrily; he never trusted Dick. Worse, Tom fears that Dick will blow their cover and reveal their secret. Harry is stuck in the middle, trying to keep peace between the two men she loves. Harry and Tom become discouraged trying to survive in the Yukon. They are befriended by Phyllis, the First Nations woman who runs the employment office. She invites them into her counseling room. When they are interrupted by a City Clerk, they discover that Phyllis is also the Mayor. When Tom insists on privacy, Phyllis magically transports the counseling couch to an isolated mountain top. As Harry and Tom try to eke out a living, they get to know the locals in this far-flung northern community at the end of the road. Everything seems to go wrong, but their love keeps them together. BOND OF STRANGERS - The Operation Husky Story: Explore the bonds of friendship that form among people who have never met as they undertake an arduous journey: a trek 300 demanding kilometres through the central mountains of Sicily in the hottest month of the year. They have one thing in common -- a determination to honour the sacrifice of Canadian soldiers during WW2 by reclaiming lost history. Some walk in the footsteps of their fathers, seeking to learn something important that their dads never talked about. Most know they don't have what it takes physically to complete the journey, but are determined to try. They are part of Operation Husky 2013 – an unprecedented series of commemorative events that take place over three weeks in July 2013 in Sicily, on the 70th anniversary of the original Operation Husky in 1943. They have come a great distance -- 7000 km and an ocean away from their comfortable homes and lives in Canada. Now they are embarking on a physically-challenging 20-day odyssey that takes them to unexpected emotional and spiritual places. As they travel, they experience the meaning of remembrance in ways no other Canadians have done before them. As they walk, we learn about Canadian sacrifices of the past and our country's role in the liberation of Europe from fascism in WW2. And how much it means to the people who live where those battles were fought, and about their losses too. Filmmakers in attendance.
  • Directed by Lulu Keating, Max Fraser
  • 2016, 2015, Yukon
  • 77 minutes

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