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This screening took place on
Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 10:00pm
Old Fire Hall

Denis Côté’s Carcasses focuses on Jean-Paul Colmor, who runs a junkyard in rural Quebec, repairing what others have discarded. Into his peaceful, cluttered sanctuary come four teenagers with Down syndrome seeking refuge. A blend of fact and fiction, the provocative, hauntingly beautiful Carcasses evokes Quebec film’s direct cinema roots, while posing troubling questions about how a society assesses the value of things. The innovative Côté crafts intricate, subtle movies, usually on a shoestring budget, and his latest may be the most daring film in his increasingly influential career. Voted to TIFF’s Top Ten Canadian feature film list for 2009.
  • Directed by Denis Côté
  • 2009, Canada
  • 72 minutes

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