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Fractured Land

This screening took place on
Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at 5:30pm
Yukon Arts Centre

Caleb Behn is a modern young, indigenous warrior fighting to save his people’s land and culture. Deep in the exquisite wilderness of northeastern British Columbia, the ancestral territory of Caleb’s Dene people, the multi-billion-dollar oil and gas industry emits fossil fuels and cancer-causing chemicals, harming the environment and threatening human health. Though adept with a high-powered rifle and throwing knife for hunting, a vital part of his culture, Caleb needs stronger weapons to battle Big Oil and Gas – which is why he decided to get his law degree. Now, with his Mohawk, tattoos and three-piece suit, Caleb is equally comfortable hunting moose on his land as he is taking on industry in corporate boardrooms and the courts. Filmmakers Fiona Rayher and Damien Gillis have been documenting Caleb’s journey over the past several years, which included following him to New Zealand, where he learned from the Maori – sharing his experiences dealing with industry, and exploring common strategies. Both Maori and First Nations have faced the ravages of the energy industry, and are now raising powerful new Indigenous leaders. They are forging alliances, using ancient knowledge and the modern weapon of the law. Like many great leaders, Caleb was born with natural talent, eloquence and passion – honed through hard work and the considerable challenges he has faced. More importantly, though, Caleb arrives at a moment in history when his people and territory truly need him. All he wanted to do was live off the land and teach his future children the traditional ways of his people – but before he can do that, he must first do battle with the Goliath industry that threatens to destroy everything he holds dear. Caleb has been preparing for this moment his whole life and he is ready. Filmmakers & cast in attendance. Damien Gillis & Fiona Rayher's travel supported by: B.Sc. ENCS Program, Yukon College/University of Alberta + Yukon College First Nations Initiatives Department Caleb Behn's travel supported by: Woodward & Co. LLP + Na-Cho Nyak Dun First Nation
  • Directed by Damien Gillis, Fiona Rayher
  • 2015, British Columbia
  • 75 minutes

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