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Get Animated! Not So Scary Stories’ for 5 years +

This screening took place on
Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 1:01pm
Yukon Arts Centre

The Sound Collector, an animation film that uses a combination of collage, paper cut-outs and colored inks on glass, features Leonard, a six-year-old with an unusual hobby. He collects sounds. Transforming household noises around him into exciting fantasies, he creates an adventure story for his scornful older brother in which knights in armor chase away monsters and perform other daring deeds. This film that will entertain young and old alike lends itself to a variety of classroom uses, to encourage creativity in children, and to stimulate discussion on topics such as individuality, family relationships, and imagination. 1982, 12 min Bonifacio in Summertime Love has packed up and left the castle. The queen has snuck back to her Kingdom of Skedaddle. But one person’s loss is a scoundrel’s gain: Bonifacio, a teller of tall tales, sees in the forlorn queen the perfect target for his hackneyed charms. As summer approaches, he changes himself into a sweet talker and sings her praises. Things would have worked out perfectly if only Princess Molly hadn’t arrived on the scene. While visiting her mother, she quickly discovers the hoax: the queen thinks she’s found a new husband in Bonifacio. But the swindling storyteller is really only interested in the kingdom’s legends. Some say that the age-old stories will lead whoever knows how to decipher their message to the top of an inaccessible mountain, where the famous Skedaddle apples can be found. If they get into the wrong hands, the magic fruit could be as dangerous as poison: they would endow whoever possessed them with the power to control everything! Will Molly and her three best friends be able to make the queen see through Bonifacio’s deception before the crafty liar skedaddles with the golden apples? A colourful animated film that is sure to delight children of all ages, whether they’re 7 or 77. 2011, 27 min
  • Directed by various
  • 1984+2011, Canada
  • 39 minutes

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