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He Hated Pigeons (Special Presentation)

This screening took place on
Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 7:30pm
Yukon Arts Centre

All tickets $20 for this event. Special Presentation: He Hated Pigeons with live score by Jordy Walker (guitar, analog synth) + Jesse Zubot (violin). The new feature film by Canadian DIY queen Ingrid Veninger stars Chilean actor Pedro Fontaine in a story that travels from the Atacama Desert to the ice fields of Patagonia about a young man pushed to the borders of sexuality and sanity, and to the edge of the earth, where he must step into his manhood before the extremes of an immense and varied landscape. "He Hated Pigeons is Ingrid (The Animal Project, Modra) Veninger's staggering new feature film. It gripped me emotionally, artistically and, by its haunting conclusion, left me breathless, like a kick in the gut, and in a flood of tears of Niagara Falls proportions. This is a subject many try to dramatize, but ultimately, so few have the ability to render as beautifully and truthfully as Veninger's film does. A synopsis of the "plot" would be a trifling matter, especially given the perfectly rendered episodic structure of the picture. In fact, it seems virtually impossible to describe the indelible layers of humanity which reach out from the screen and wrench every last ounce of your strength. The picture forces you to commit to grief as much as it alternately creates a sense of acceptance on this bold, brave journey along the Chilean highways and byways of life and death." - Greg Klymkiw at The Film Corner Director in attendance.
  • Directed by Ingrid Veninger
  • 2015, Canada
  • 78 minutes
  • Film Subtitled

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