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I Come in Peace

This screening took place on
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 8:00pm
The Beer Tasters' Social House

Good Cop. Bad Alien. Big Trouble. The corpses are full of heroin, but the cause of death isn't overdose. Jack Caine (Dolph Lundgen), a maverick cop with a vendetta, is partnered with a straight laced FBI agent (Brian Benben) to investigate the deaths of his drug dealing enemies. What he discovers is out of this world. The murder weapon? A vibrating metal disc. The motive? Extraterrestrial narcotics. The suspect? A giant, blond alien who claims to “come in peace”. "With an upbeat script and a healthy sense of humour, this is an unashamedly ridiculous affair with moderate ambitions and matching success.” Time Out London “Dolph Lundgren has always been underrated. Yeah, he makes bad movies, but this is one of the better ones.” Luke Y.Thompson, New Times Screening with The PsyBorgs (10 min, 2016) From Beta Force Carbon comes the pulse-pounding continuing adventures of THE PSYBORGS. Armed only with their wits, cybernetic implants, and incredible psychic powers, the PsyBorgs continue their battle against General Blight and the malevolent forces of T.O.X.I.N.
  • Directed by Craig R. Baxley
  • 1990, USA
  • 91 minutes

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