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Analog Avant Garde: 16mm Film Performances

This screening took place on
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 8:30pm

ALFF presents: John Price Film Works Ontario, 60 - 70 minutes

Live music and score by Toronto-based sound artist, Greg Jones.

A performance that utilizes analog methods of image making to explore narratives of family, therapy, community, urban strife and wildlife. John's work has been produced with support from the National Film Board of Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Ontario Arts Council, and has been exhibited at festivals and galleries internationally. He has also produced film projections for opera and dance and is presently working on a feature-length series of hand-processed, hand-printed 35mm films.

John Price is an award-winning cinematographer and independent filmmaker based in Toronto who has produced experimental documentaries, dance and diary films since 1986. His love of photography led naturally to extensive alchemical experimentation with a wide range of motion picture film emulsions and formats. By shooting on cheap, out-dated stock or with printing films not designed for cinematography, and processing all of it by hand, he achieves textures which would not be possible through the commercial laboratories. In that sense, the specificity of the hand-processed material is a distinct, very human element that becomes as important as the subject in communicating the subtext of the films.


DETROIT 2010-2016 John Price. Canada. 2019. 20’

"Speaks to guns and chickens ... urban transport ... people on the move ... film reels and field recordings." JP.

DISPERSAL AREA John Price. Canada. 2019. 20’

"Toronto parade day". JP.

EVEN. John Price. Canada. 2019. 35’. 16mm.

“Portraits of my father and my son ... indoor and outdoor ... galaxies and stars…” JP.


Preceeded by: Holland, Man Dir. Aaron Zeghers, 2015, Manitoba, 21 min

3x16mm, 1xS8 w/ digital audio, violin + banjo *live performance*

As two growing years pass, Don Zeghers – a farmer from Holland, Manitoba - phases out his multi-generational family farm. His son Aaron Zeghers follows this life change and the dissolution of the family farm - perhaps a microcosm of the modern industrialized world. Nature is contrasted with industrial might in this sentimental and existential portrait of one's own family.

Aaron Zeghers is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, film festival programmer and expanded cinema artist. Zeghers primarily works as an experimental filmmaker, utilizing analog formats and obsolete technologies, in-camera effects, various types of animation and other experimental techniques to create his films and expanded cinema performances. Zeghers’ films have screened at festivals and venues around the world including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Festival du nouveau cinéma, DOXA Film Festival, and New York’s Mono No Aware. As a film programmer, Zeghers is the founder of the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and is the current Festival Director for the Gimli Film Festival, Manitoba’s largest film festival.

This event is supported by Arts Fund, Yukon Government.

HOLLAND, MAN. // TRAILER from Aaron Zeghers on Vimeo.


  • Directed by John Price, Aaron Zeghers
  • 2010 - 2019, Ontario, Manitoba
  • 80 minutes

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