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Kenojuak+Making Dry Caribou Meat +Nimmikaage+Released

This screening took place on
Sunday, July 3, 2016 at 4:30pm
Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre

In collaboration with the Adäka Cultural Festival 2016, YFS is presenting films about Aboriginal experiences and films made by Aboriginal filmmakers on July 3 and 4. All Adäka screenings are free admission. Nimmikaage (She Dances for People) Michelle Latimer, 2016, Ontario, 3 min Both a requiem for and an honouring of Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit women, Michelle Latimer’s Nimmikaage deconstructs the layers beneath the recorded pageantry of Canadian nationalism. Images of the natural world alternate with archival footage of Indigenous women asked to perform in traditional roles for an audience. Released Dir. Chantal Rondeau, Yukon, 2015, 10 min First Nations artist and embroidery expert, Karen Nicloux, was born and raised in Mayo and took up the art of sewing and embroidery at an early age from watching her mother. Karen’s life was forever altered at 16 when a so-called friend offered her cocaine when she complained of a headache. Released takes us into Karen’s life as she rediscovers her gift for sewing to regain her focus and figure out how to stay clean. Karen’s embroidery – it represents peace, purpose and acceptance, one day at a time. Kenojuak Eskimo Artist John Feeney, 1963, Canada, 19 min This beautiful documentary depicts how Kenojuak and her family were living on the land while at the same time she would draw the pictures that would become her prints by seal oil lamp in the family igloo. It's a fascinating window into how Inuit artist's drawings are transferred to stone, printed and sold in the early days of the Dorset Art Cooperative. Kenojuak Ashevak became the first woman involved with the printmaking co-operative in Cape Dorset. The film was nominated for the 1963 Documentary Short Subject Oscar. Vadzaih Nilii Gaih Tr'ahtsii: Making Caribou Dry Meat Kenneth Frank, 2015, Alaska, 29min Set in Arctic Village, Alaska, this ethnographic short is narrated in Gwich'in with English subtitles. Following ancestral tradition, Kenneth Frank demonstrates step by step the butchering, smoking, skewering, and processing of fresh caribou meat over five work days. He concludes by tasting the finished product. The video illustrates a major secret to food storage and survival in the Alaskan high Arctic over many centuries. Filmmakers in attendance.
  • Directed by various
  • 1963-2016, Canada + USA
  • 61 minutes

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