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Martin Eden

This screening took place on
Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 2:00pm

Set in a provocatively unspecified moment in Italy’s history yet adapted from a 1909 novel by American author Jack London, Martin Eden is a passionate and enthralling narrative fresco in the tradition of the great Italian classics. Martin (played by the marvelously committed Luca Marinelli) is a self-taught proletarian with artistic aspirations who hopes that his dreams of becoming a writer will help him rise above his station and marry a wealthy young university student (Jessica Cressy). The twinned dissatisfactions of working-class toil and bourgeois success lead to political reawakening and destructive anxiety in this enveloping, superbly mounted bildungsroman.

Mature content, recommended for Ages 13+

In Italian | Neapolitan | French with English subtitles

Platform Award - 2019 Toronto International Film Festival

One of the most epic-feeling Italian movies in years, a throwback to ’70s-era big-canvas statements. Lead actor Luca Marinelli, rousing in every scene, comes within hailing distance of the young Robert De Niro.” – Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York

  • Directed by Pietro Marcello
  • 2019, ITA,FRA,GER
  • 129 minutes
  • Film Subtitled
  • Parental Guidance Advised

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