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My Father and the Man in Black

This screening took place on
Saturday, February 9, 2013 at 6:30pm
Yukon Arts Centre

The Man in Black was, of course, Johnny Cash. Saul Holiff was his long-time agent, a dedicated, remote, often cruel man who died of suicide and left his son with a lot of unanswered questions. Jonathan Holiff’s documentary is an investigation of his father’s life and that of the celebrity who dominated it for years. The London, Ontario-based Saul was a self-made man, an ambitious hustler with a love of music that brought him together with one of the great figures of 20th-century pop culture. Using dramatic re-enactments, and many fascinating archival materials such as Saul’s tape recordings of his phone conversations with Johnny Cash, this documentary tells a riveting story with creative means. "A painfully honest twin portrait of manager and artist." Toronto Star Q&A with cast member, longtime Yukoner, and Saul Holliff's other son, Joshua Robinson to follow the screening.
  • Directed by Jonathan Holiff
  • 2012, British Columbia
  • 90 minutes

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