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New North Collective: music and media art

This event took place on Monday, February 6, 2017 at 7:30pm

An evening of music and media art that explores ideas of north. From a northern perspective. An ensemble of seven performing artists from Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Greenland that includes: singer/songwriter Diyet (YT), guitarist/songwriter Graeme Peters (YT), bassist and storyteller Pat Braden( NWT), composer and sound designer Carmen Braden (NWT), Robert Van Lieshout (YT) and Jan de Vroede (Greenland). Songs by the collective will be accompanied by projections of media artists: Lia Fabre-Dimsdale, Barbara Hinton and Jay Bulckaert. An ALFF 2017 special presentation. All tickets: $25 (includes ticket surcharge) The New North Collective came together in 2015 after the individual artists had performed together in various configurations at events and festivals over the years, from A Circumpolar Soundscape to performances at PEI2014 in Charlottetown. Each of the members of the ensemble have successful music careers as solo performers or as part of other groups, and bring a diversity of styles and experience to the collective. New music, folk, traditional, jazz and rock inform what the New North Collective creates. Together, they explore their ideas of north - from the land to the people; from the traditional to the contemporary. Their shared music focuses on an in-depth look at being a northern person and a northern artist with the impact of north on the music all are creating. The expansive imagery of northern Canada also comes to light in songs co-written and performed by the group. Following two weeks of writing and rehearsing in spring 2015, the New North Collective premiered the new work regionally at the Adäka Cultural Festival in Whitehorse and nationally at Panamania 2015 in Toronto.

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