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New Territory: Short Films by Northern Canadians

This screening took place on
Thursday, July 9, 2015 at 9:30pm
The Globe Theatre - Atlin, BC

Filmmakers in attendance! Remembering Claire (Dir. Evelyn Pollock, Yukon, 2015, 3 min): A man fights to retain a hold on his identity as his mind is ravaged by disease. From the tumble of recalled images forming his reality, a love story emerges. Ha Kus Teyea: Our Tlingit Way (Dir. Carol Geddes, Yukon, 2014, 17min) :The term Ha Kus Teyea means, literally, “The ways of our Tlingit culture”. This video depicts the festival-like gathering that takes place every 2 years on the shores of vast Teslin Lake in the Yukon interior. RA.D.AR. (Dir. MacMillan, Scanlon, Toupin, Doyon, Deuling, Wachell, Yukon, 2014, 6min): A young Woman living at the Radar Apartments in Lobird is haunted by the radio signals from past interceptions. Singing through an Illness (Dir. Jessica Hall, Yukon, 2015, 7min) : Yukon Musician Nicole Edwards raises awareness about the rare auto-immune disease scleroderma and gives hope that on can live well with a chronic illness. Aviliaq (Dir. Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Nunavut, 2014, 15min) : Set in a 1950’s Inuit community, Aviliaq tells the story of two Inuit lesbians struggling to stay together in a new world run by outsiders. Conibear (Dir. J Bulckaert + P Saravanja, NWT, 2015, 11 min) : A short film by Pablo Saravanja and Jay Bulckaert Starring YouTube celebrity Andrew Stanley, CONIBEAR is a surreal meditation on the life of trappers as they navigate the strange and often times dark wilderness they call their home. Ghosts of the Joe Henry (Dir. Dan Sokolowski, 2015, 20min) : The Dempster (Joe Henry) Highway is the only road in Canada that crosses the Arctic Circle. It is the meeting of a man made entity and some of the most isolated landscapes on the planet.Ghosts of the Joe Henry is an assemblage of sensations of the land, the people, flora and fauna that inhabit the lands that the highway traverses.
  • Directed by Evelyn Pollock, Carol Geddes, MacMillan, Scanlon, Toupin, Doyon, Deuling, Wachell, Jessica Hall, Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, J Bulckaert, P Saravanja, Dan Sokolowski
  • 2013-2015, NWT, Yukon, Nunavut
  • 80 minutes

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