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NFB short docs and animations for everyone!

This screening took place on
Friday, September 29, 2017 at 7:00pm
The Roundhouse (1127 Front St)

Classic NFB docs and animations for the whole family! FREE SCREENING AS PART OF CULTURE DAYS! See Cordell Barker’s Runaway (2009), the charming Hedgehog’s Home (2017) and classics from the YFS 16mm film collection, including: Land Above the Trees (1988), Mary of Mile 18 (1981), Caribou Hunters (1951) and more! Runaway Special Jury Award 2009 Cordell Barker, director of the Oscar®-nominated films The Cat Came Back and Strange Invaders, is back with Runaway. Set to the rousing music of Ben Charest (Triplets of Belleville), this animated short takes you on a journey that is both funny and disastrous. Hedgehog's Home This 10-minute puppet film (Ježeva kuća) by Eva Cvijanović (co-production: Bonobostudio, Croatia / NFB Canada) won the special mention of the Children Jury and the Generation Plus Award of the 67th Berlin Film Festival. Based on a popular ex-Yugoslav children’s story written by Branko Ćopić, the film tells the story of a hedgehog who lives deep in the forest, surrounded by moss-covered stones, bright red strawberries, mushrooms and rambling bushes. Mary of Mile 18 An animated story about a farm girl whose father will not allow her to keep a stray puppy until an event occurs that makes him reverse his decision. Based on an award-winning children's book by Ann Blades. Directed by Svend-Erik Eriksen1981, 11 min 34 s Land Above the Trees Winter lasts nine months in Canada's alpine regions, but when spring does arrive in late June, the different alpine zones--the meadow, the treeline, and the tundra--teem with life. From the lichen surviving at the uppermost limits of life to the insects, birds and mammals that populate the beautiful meadows, this film explores the special adaptations and delicate balance established between the plants and animals of this harsh environment. Dir. Michael Collier, 1988, British Columbia, 19 min The Caribou Hunters The Cree and Chippewa Indians of northern Manitoba lead a nomadic life as they roam the northern stretches of forest and tundra in search of the caribou that is their main source of food. The camera follows a group of Indian hunters with their dog teams as they move with the herds and at the same time trap the smaller animals of the forest and streams. Their focal point is the Hudson's Bay Company trading post, where they bring their furs to exchange for the few essentials of their hardy existence. We also see their camp life, and examples of their colourful handicrafts. Dir. Stephen Greenlees, 1951, Ontario, 18 min
  • Directed by various
  • 1951-2017, Canada
  • 75 minutes

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