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North by Northwest: Yukon Shorts

This screening took place on
Monday, February 5, 2018 at 6:30pm
Yukon Arts Centre

Pond (Dan Sokolowski, 2018, 5 min)
 Employing several different types of animation intercut with documentary footage of a singular pond next to the Dempster ‘Joe Henry’ Highway in the Ogilvie Mountains, Sokolowski focuses our attention on the details of four seasons on the Land in this one magical place. World premiere. Snake Hips Lulu (Lulu Keating, 2017, 3 min)
When Lulu Keating moved to Dawson City, Yukon, she wondered if she might be the reincarnation of a dance hall girl of the Klondike Gold Rush, Snake Hips Lulu. World premiere. Deconstruct/ Reconstruct (Chris McNutt, 2018, 16 min)
 This documentary tells the origin story of the Inland Tlingit dance group; the Dakhká Khwáan Dancers (DKD) as they forge a new sound for their songs in the process of recording the album ‘Deconstruct-Reconstruct’ in partnership with producer DJ Dash (Daniel Ashley.) Episode 2 of a 3-part series. World premiere. Hands Don’t Lie (Heidi J Loos, 2018, 9 min) 
Winner of the 2017 ALFF Pitch event for fiction: A woman living with early stages of dementia in a seniors’ assisted living home forges an unlikely bond with a new resident. World premiere. Left Hand Path (Jessica Hall, 2017, 13.33 min) 
Winner of the 2017 ALFF Pitch event for documentary: The art, philosophy and religion of black magic practitioner James C. Kirby is explored while he creates a unique piece of jewelry using the ancient art of lost wax casting. World premiere. Camera Trap (Marty O’Brien, 24 min)
 Aspiring wilderness photographer, Peter Mather sets out in the North Yukon on a near-quixotic quest to document the Porcupine Caribou Herd, its migrations, and the role it plays in communities across the north. He won’t stop until he captures that one epic shot in his mind’s eye. The one that will capture the significance of the herd and inspire others to protect it. Filmmakers in attendance: Marty O’Brien, Kelly Milner, Lulu Keating, Dan Sokolowski, Jessica Hall, Shawn Jo, David Hamelin, Chris McNutt.

Left Hand Path Trailer from Jessica Hall on Vimeo.

Camera Trap Trailer from Shot in the Dark Productions on Vimeo.

  • Directed by Various
  • 2017, Yukon Territory
  • 71 minutes

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