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North by Northwest: Yukon and NWT Short Films

This screening took place on
Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 12:00pm
The Globe Theatre

Personal, quixotic and historical films by Kerry Barber, Dan Sokolowski, Chris Clarke, Marty O’Brien and Peter Clarkson (Inuvik, NT) and music video by youth in Whitehorse that illustrate life in Canada’s Northwest. Filmmakers in attendance: Marty O'Brien, Peter Clarkson, and Emile Bouffard. Dear Hatetts Kerry Barber, 2017, 6min A personal account of a relationship torn apart by a suspected lie. Told in the form of a letter to a family, it is accompanied by documentary images from the filmmaker’s life. Pond Dan Sokolowski, 2018, 5min Employing several different types of animation intercut with documentary footage of a singular pond next to the Dempster ‘Joe Henry’ Highway in the Ogilvie Mountains, Sokolowski focuses our attention on the details of four seasons on the Land in this one magical place. The Potato Cuff Bluff Bouffard, Clarke, Curtis, Sheppard, 2018, 5min A sore shoulder calls for the study of the cord-wood processing habits of a hetero-normative North American man. Winner of a Yukon48 people's choice award. Co-creator Emile Bouffard in attendance. Growing Young N'we Jinan, 2018, 4min This hip-hop song was written, recorded and filmed with youth from Whitehorse, Yukon. End of the Ice Age Shayla Howell, Peter Clarkson, 24min This fascinating documentary is about the Inuvik to Tuktoyuktuk Ice Road, the connections that it provides, how it is made and what it means to the people that use the ice road. Produced in the final year before a permanent overland highway is opened, the film reveals the history of the ice road, businesses involved in its construction and maintenance and people that want to travel on it for the experience. Director/producer in attendance. Camera Trap Marty O’Brien, 24min
 Aspiring wilderness photographer, Peter Mather sets out in the North Yukon on a near-quixotic quest to document the Porcupine Caribou Herd, its migrations, and the role it plays in communities across the north. He won’t stop until he captures that one epic shot in his mind’s eye. The one that will capture the significance of the herd and inspire others to protect it. Director in attendance.
  • Directed by various
  • 2017, Yukon & NWT
  • 68 minutes

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