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Picturing the Yukon: spotlight on shorts

This screening took place on
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 4:30pm
Yukon Arts Centre

Featuring outstanding recent Yukon short films. Fragments by David C. Hamelin/Neil MacDonald, 8min While waiting for the school bus on a dark winter morning in Canada’s Yukon, a young girl witnesses a meteor explode in the sky. Searching the nearby woods, she comes across a smoldering crater with a meteorite fragment. After bringing the rock to school, the girl gradually falls ill to a strange sickness. The Provider by Moira Sauer, 6 min Struggling through a long, dark Yukon winter with only her sled dogs for company, a lonely heroine hungry for companionship finds a unique way to fulfill her needs. Yukon Boy by Jessica Hall, 3 min Whitehorse musician Brandon Isaak live at the Yukon Arts Centre, performing songs from his latest album 'Bluesman's Plea.' Little John Country by Max Fraser, 10 min Discovery of ancient human artifacts, the oldest in Canada, links aboriginal past and present; the "Little John" site near Beaver Creek Yukon and the people of the White River First Nation. Walks Like a... by Arlin McFarlane, 3min Based on a short story by Yukon-bred writer, Ivan Coyote. Grace and Beauty by Lorraine Purvin-Good/Paula Pawlovich/Julie Robinson, 5 min Using powerful images and evocative music, the film celebrates the spirits of Rachel Dawson and Cheri Wilson as they sing and dance. river by Daniel Janke, 7 min A documentary about a river that has flowed against the trends of modern times. It is a poetic investigation of the river as providing a glimpse beyond the veil of time in to a world that once was: a river that flows from the future into the past. Memoriam: For A.P. by Dan Sokolowski, 3min Based on a poem by Tom McSorley, this film combines text and images of the land that inspired Canadian poet Al Purdy. The Working Cats Guide to the Klondike by Veronica Verkley, 8 min An historical treatise recalling the methods and practice of traditional modes of transportation unique to the Klondike district of the Yukon. A documentary combining found archival footage, B&W stills, and contemporary interviews. All tickets for this screening: $5
  • Directed by Various
  • 2011-2012, Yukon
  • 60 minutes

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