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Pop-Up Video Art Wall

This event took place on Friday, January 31, 2020 at 5:00pm



Dir. Chelsea Jeffery (5 min 14 sec)

'This work is part of a daily practice in which I seek to be more aware of the plants that surround us. Plants in “natural” or “wild” settings are readily noticeable, particularly when they are in bloom or when we want something from them. But when walking downtown, particularly in the darker and colder part of the year, it’s easy to pay them less attention.

In Downtowners, long, still shots focus on specific plants in downtown Whitehorse. What does each plant experience during its life, lived anchored to one place? What sounds, vibrations, lights, substances, other animals does it encounter in its environment, both above and below the ground? 

I hope that this work might encourage more noticing of the plants that live all around us.'



Chelsea Jeffery works with sound, video, cyanotype, collage, performance, and gardening. She uses intuitive and improvisational art-based research methods to interact with substances, processes, and living beings. She was a Jenni House artist-in-residence in August 2017, and her work has been featured in the Pivot Theatre Festival in Whitehorse and the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto. She lives in Whitehorse, Yukon.



Time Together

Dir. Pauline Gallinat (2 min 02 sec) 


"Babe? … Are you listening?“

Enjoy the main character’s attempt to garner their partner’s attention. Their bedtime conversation gives you a glimpse into each others needs in that very moment. But, it doesn’t necessarily tell you so much about the actual relationship dynamics.

The concept of this short film evolved together with the creation of it’s characters. It was made for the 48 Hour Film Challenge and decisions had to be done quick. Due to the limited time, I was forced to use only a minimum amount of animation, which in the end suited the movie very well. There was also no script involved, so credits for all these little stories go to my friend Emma. You helped make this movie so much fun! Thank you.



"I am quite new to Yukon and am excited by all of the opportunities that the North provides. I spent the last 10 years in Berlin, where I studied and worked as a graphic designer and illustrator. I have always been passionate about film and now and then have worked on projects involving animation, documentary and stop motion. I am very grateful for being able to move around, experience, watch, enjoy and share."


Everything is Fine

Dir. DEATH Shepherd (4 min)


A stranger walks through seemingly abandoned streets, where the only evidence of human life is a mysterious song playing in empty vehicles that spontaneously start as the stranger passes.


DEATH Shepherd is a collective of artists unearthed in Dawson City.


Hong Kong 1979

Dir. Jessica Hall (6 min 26 sec) 

"As I was going through my father’s recently digitized Super-8 film, all 18 hours of it, I was struck by the quality of his camera work, both his technical expertise with the camera, what he chose to capture and how he chose to capture it. He would cover each scene he approached as if he were making a documentary or news story. He would capture b-roll and establishing shots, so the view would have context for the day at hand. For the most part, his interest was in transportation: trains, trams, cable cars, trolleys and even more trains. But he also captured other moments that tell many stories and I wanted to create something with it. 

In the late 70s my family lived in Hong Kong, but I was too young to remember. What I see when I look at this footage is the background to many family stories, so I can put a place to a story, like a face to a name. After removing the “home movie” elements from the footage, re- editing and adding a soundtrack to direct tone, I change this footage into something new: a horror film, an expressionist art film, an anthropological commentary on the permissiveness of 70s culture, a public service announcement on what not to do in traffic...it all depends on what you see when you watch it." 

Hong Kong 1979 

Kowloon: Yes, you are being followed. 

Cable Car Conspiracy: These are the REAL cable cars, in case you were wondering. 

Water Tigers: Because my sister could never remember Sea Lions. 

Make Way for Trams: But no one does, really. 


Jessica Hall is a local Whitehorse producer, director and freelance editor. Her short documentary Left Hand Path was one of the winners of the ALFF Industry Pitch Event in 2017, and went on to win Best Short Documentary at the First Hermetic International Film Festival in Venice, Italy in 2018. She is currently working on a new documentary called “Rob is Analog”, and has been re-exploring the world of analog signal transmission.

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