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Short Films for Kids!

This screening took place on
Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 9:30am
The Globe Theatre

Includes NFB animated classics, a new NFB animation with a music score by Whitehorse-based composer Daniel Janke (Mountain of SGaana) and two locally made short films that were produced and screened as part of the Yukon48 Filmmaking Challenge hosted by YFS in January 2018: Loon Manding and Soundface Interface. Soundface Interscape Jon Gelinas & Sam Skinner, 2018, YT, 4min Two kids meet to interface and remix their experiences in a trans-human audio-visual collaboration. Loon Manding Peschke/McCallum/Lien, 2018, YT, 3min Two astronauts stumble upon alien life during their first trip to the moon. Jury winner of the 2018 Yukon48 Filmmaking Challenge. Shaman Echo Henoche, 2017, NL, 5min Based on a legend, Shaman recounts the story of a polar bear that’s transformed into a mountain in the community of Nain, Labrador. It’s a Dog’s Life Biano-Leverin+Rembauville, 2012, FRA/CAN, 7min This animation features Fifi the dog, who fantasizes about interstellar travel as an escape from his existence as the family scapegoat. Threads Torill Kove, 2017, NOR/CAN, 8min The beauty and complexity of parental love is explored in a new animation by 'The Danish Poet' filmmaker. The Mountain of SGaana Christopher Auchter, 2017, BC, 10min A wondrous tale of a man stolen away to the spirit world by a SGaana (the Haida word for “orca”) and the woman who rescues him. Music by Whitehorse composer, Daniel Janke. Invading Giants Kevin A. Fraser, 2017, NL, 13min Every year residents of Newfoundland and Labrador look to the north with baited breath hoping the Atlantic Ocean will deliver to them a parade of ancient icebergs.
  • Directed by various
  • , Canada
  • 50 minutes

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