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Sound It Out

This screening took place on
Sunday, April 22, 2012 at 7:00pm
Yukon Arts Centre

A warm and funny portrait of the citizens of a North England town, and the music fans and vinyl enthusiasts who patronize the last record store in Teeside. A documentary about the emotions and memories records hold, and the sense of community that comes from shared musical experiences. YFS’ nod to International Record Store Day on April 21. "The demise of the independent record store is ostensibly the subject of Jeanie Finlay’s deeply charming documentary. But music and the passion it evokes are the real heart of the film. In the last five years British record stores have succumbed to economic forces, closing at the rate of one every three days. But despite these rather grim statistics, Sound it Out is a warm and deeply funny portrait of British eccentrics, music fans and vinyl enthusiasts who have found a home for themselves in the last vinyl record store in Teeside, northeast England. The Sound it Out record shop is a hub of activity, whether it'’s an elderly lady with a penchant for Meat Loaf albums or a pair of metal-heads sporting mellifluous accents. As Tom, the store's owner says, "It's all emotions and memories...records hold memories." For people who came of age buying records, this film packs a particular punch. Finlay, who grew up three miles from the store, brings a keen and affectionate eye for the English characters that patronize the store. One scene hammers home the sense of community that people make out of shared musical experiences. During a live in-store performance from local Stockton lass Saint Saviour (otherwise known as Becky Jones), the camera glides over the faces of the audience, listening with attention and rapture. In one of the most economically hard hit areas in all of the UK, life goes on, accompanied by a soundtrack. Whether that soundtrack is dance music or Meat Loaf, it is carefully selected and deeply loved." — DW, DOXA Film Festival
  • Directed by Jeanie Finlay
  • 2011, United Kingdom
  • 78 minutes

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