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A Moon of Nickel and Ice (Sur la lune de nickel)

This screening took place on
Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 12:00pm
Yukon Arts Centre

The Russian-Siberian city of Norilsk is a city of extremes. Notorious for its freezing cold temperatures and its toxic pollution caused by nickel refineries (the city alone produces 20% of the world’s nickel), Norilsk is the thing dystopian sci-fi novels are made of. Described as a prison city, it remains closed off to most of the rest of the world even today. Prisoners of the Soviet Gulag originally built Norilsk in 1938 when more than 650,000 prisoners were sent north to work in forced labour camps, resulting in at least 250,000 deaths. Slave labour has long been outlawed, but throughout the city there are no historical sites or memorials that acknowledge its brutal beginnings. French-Canadian filmmaker François Jacob captures life in contemporary Norilsk with a roaming camera, depicting the city and its residents with care and curiosity. In Russian with English subtitles. Nominated for 3 Canadian Screen Awards 2018. Emerging Canadian Filmmaker Award - Hot Docs, Toronto, 2017

SUR LA LUNE DE NICKEL, un film de François Jacob - Bande Annonce from Les Films du 3 mars on Vimeo.

  • Directed by Francois Jacob
  • 2017, Quebec
  • 110 minutes
  • Film Subtitled

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