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The End of Time

This screening took place on
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at 6:15pm

Working at the limits of what can be easily expressed, acclaimed filmmaker Peter Mettler takes on the elusive subject of time and once again turns his camera to filming the unfilmable. From the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland, where scientists seek to probe regions of time we cannot see, to lava flows in Hawaii which have overwhelmed all but one home on the south side of the Big Island; from the disintegration of inner city Detroit, to a Hindu funeral rite near the place of Buddha's enlightenment, Mettler explores our perception of time. "In the years since the transcendental epic Gambling, Gods and LSD (2002), Swiss-Canadian filmmaker Peter Mettler again has travelled the world amassing mind-blowing images and sensations, and returned with a meditation on a subject we experience daily but rarely take the time to ponder: time itself. Seemingly random—as random, say, as the weather—Mettler’s trippy films work as perceptual experiences, and The End of Time makes viewers conscious of cinematic time, and of their own sense of time as they watch the film. What does it mean to be a viewer, sitting in a theatre watching a film about a film about time? Like the scientists in CERN, Mettler is exploring for the sake of knowing—free your mind, and the rest will follow." - VIFF 2012 Q&A with the director to follow screening.
  • Directed by Peter Mettler
  • 2012, Switzerland/ Ontario
  • 114 minutes

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