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The Silver Branch

This screening took place on
Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 5:00pm
Yukon Arts Centre

This multi-award-winning IFTA film 'The Silver Branch' depicts the life and insights of the inimitable philosopher, poet, and farmer, Patrick McCormack, owner of ‘Fr Ted’s House’ in the beautiful, austere Burren, Western Ireland. Through Patrick’s eyes and pastoral verse, this beautifully shot film immerses us in the exquisite textures of the natural world, bringing us a rare glimpse of a disappearing way of life with all its richness and roguery, and leading to a deep connection with the Earth and our ancestral wild spirit. It is a story of life, love, family, grief, of commitment and of the struggles of modern day life, which invites the viewer to follow in mindful meditation, to take a journey into the self and exam the relationship between man and landscape, between tradition and spirit, between body and soul. Awards and Accolades: 2018 HOT DOCS - TOP 10 AUDIENCE FAVOURITES and TOP AUDIENCE PICKS BY PROGRAM IFTA Nominated for Best Feature Documentary in the Irish Film Awards: Winner of Innsbruck Film Festival Grand Prize Best Documentary Winner Banff Mountain Film Festival Culture Award
  • Directed by Katrina Costello
  • 2018, Ireland
  • 75 minutes

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