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Untitled - Multimedia Installation

This event took place on Sunday, February 24, 2019 at 11:59pm

Untitled - MultiMedia Installation by Monique Romeiko (Yukon) and Vagaram Choudhary (Rajasthan, India) WHERE: Yukon Arts Centre Community Gallery WHEN: February 2nd – February 24th This is a free event! Influenced in part by Kangra miniature paintings, artists Monique Romeiko and Vagaram Choudhary have created a contemporary paradise for Radha & Krishna / Adam & Eve. The lovers play in an endless cycle amongst a tropical utopian setting. Untitled is an intricately layered moving collage with components of photography, performance, dance, video, digital and physical painting. We the viewer watch elements of the painting that are normally static come to life. Monique Romeiko and Vagaram Choudhary have been collaborating on various video and multimedia pieces since 2017. Their works are a combination of constructed and manipulated video of dance/photography/painting (such as this one) and also painting on prints.

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