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This screening took place on
Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 5:00pm
Yukon Arts Centre

It’s the summer of 1976 and 15 year-old Kit (Dylan Authors), bored and restless, is dreaming of a more glamorous life in the big city, away from the small town where he lives with his Dad (Allan Hawco) and grandmother (Cathy Jones). Enlisting the help of his girlfriend Alice (Julia Sara Stone), they hitchhike towards a new home with his glamorous, artistic mother Laura (Molly Parker). As Kit and Alice reach their final destination their relationship is tested as Kit approaches a realization that will change his life forever. Nominated for 5 Canadian Screen Awards! Screenwriter, Daniel MacIvor in attendance. Preceded by: Walter Chell A Canadian Heritage Minute Dir. Steffen/Susin/Stratis/Tiefenbach 2016, YT, 2min "The film is one of McDonald’s most unabashedly Canadian films yet as the eclectic aura of the Maritime landscape evokes a nation of weirdos. The film owns Canada’s offbeat strangeness that ranges from sea to shining sea." - Cinemablogger
  • Directed by Bruce McDonald
  • 2016, Canada
  • 85 minutes

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