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YFS salutes the 10th Anniversary of the Dawson Intl Short Film Festival

This screening took place on
Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 8:00pm
Old Fire Hall

Four short films from the first 10 years of the Yukon's landmark International short film festival. Programmed by co-founder and festival director, David Curtis. 7pm - Program 1: Humans + Animals, 100 mins I Could Have Been Human, Business, Tommy, My Indian Bum, At The Quite Hotel, The Terms, La Photo, A Shift in Perception, Shipyards Lament 9pm - Program 2: Loadstars, 105 mins Mushum, Mumuring Sound of Running Water, Aydaygooay, A Life to Live, Drift, Help, Trygve With His Heart In the Mailbox, My Name is Pochsy, Crummy 841
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