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Yukon 48 Challenge Screening

This screening took place on
Thursday, November 28, 2013 at 8:00pm
Old Fire Hall

See the 17 completed films from the 48 hour film challenge held Nov 15-17. Simultaneous screening at Odd Fellow's Hall and Old Fire Hall. Come watch history unspool... Audience and jury prizes, cash bar and door prizes. Tickets: $10 at the door. Films from Dawson City: The Rib Off (4:46) Janice Cliff/Oliver Flegel Jamie Miller (1:10) Rebekah Miller Happiness (9:00) Lindsey Johnson/Samm Medeiros Hump Love (2:12) Lulu Keating Gray Matter (6:19) Chris Clarke/Cathie Findlay Brook Ups and Downs (1:24) Kerri and Andrew Sedmihransky Is This Vegan? (4:15) Alyssa Friesen/Dan DeGroot Self Portrait with Migraine (1:25) Kathryn Hepburn Dawson Super Volley (3:14) Ange Bonnici Stones of History (3;58) Karen Mackay Homeward Bound (3:13) Evan Rensch/Elaine Corden Insomnia (1:52) Sarah Pupo Films from Whitehorse: A Question (9:40) Chris McNutt Shopping Carts (3:47) Mannie Sharma, Ritik Sharma, Rohit Sharma and Yesh Sharma Enough to Get By (9:00) Christopher Griffiths, Tyler Kuhn, Kieran O'Donovan, and Oliver Barker Making Plans (4:50) Mike Otto, Kristi Gurski Cent-free Nation (2:49) Meg Walker, Chuck Stad and Colin Horsnell Instant Café (6:51) Baptiste Bohelay, Lucie Creiser, Laurie Gendron, Mathieu Courchesne and Sabrina Long How Salt Found Pepper (5:00) Arlin McFarlane, Sam Finton, Linda Leon, Normand Di Domenico and Celine Legault
  • Directed by various
  • 2013, Yukon
  • 85 minutes

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